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Toni Rasmussen

I am a deep feeler and drawn to healers.  I am simultaneously scared and excited about life almost all the time.  I was raised in Iowa as a strict Catholic, the middle of 5 kiddos. I've had a million jobs- Americorps member, caretaker, retail store manager, outdoor ed camp director, bean walker, nanny, waitress, snowboard instructor, PE teacher, yoga instructor, an extrovert wannabe, and I'm not afraid to live in my car (serenity now!!) to get my shit done. Although I haven’t done this since being married with 2 kids, a dog, three cats, and chickens.

I've been through breast cancer at age 39, post partum depression after my first born and an absolute breakdown (breakthrough) when my second born was 6 months old. I was drugged and raped at age 20 and went through subsequent date rapes.  It doesn't define me but it's part of my story, and I share it here because I know I'm not the only one, and I know we need each other. 

Currently, my husband and I are working on a thing called the Yoga Shack which will serve as a community space for Arkitekt gatherings, donation based kids and adult yoga, and other exciting things we haven’t even dreamed up yet. 

I love to ride my bike everywhere, practice yoga, run, garden, pass gas, have deep, vulnerable conversations and sell shit on Craigslist. 

What you appreciate, appreciates.
— Lynne Twist