The ARKITEKT PROCESS is a Gathering and a Curriculum designed to guide each member in their journey of Coming Home to Themselves. While participating in ARKITEKT, you have access to all Coursework, Curriculum, Videos, and the actual experience of an Arkitekt monthly gathering plus access to all supportive trainings and community gatherings.

Our monthly ARKITEKT Curriculum and Coursework and all supporting materials as well as our ARKITEKT Facilitator Training Program, Guidebook, and Support Videos, as well as all previous iterations of the ARKITEKT Curriculum including our languaging, Key Terms, and approach to the spiritual journey (along with follow up resources available exclusively to ARKITEKT alumni) are the proprietary intellectual property of ARKITEKT INC.

By participating in an offering from ARKITEKT, you have the opportunity to apply what you learn from the ARKITEKT Portfolio to any entity with which you are currently associated or later join. After your ARKITEKT experience, you may lead group discussions within your own place of employment, drawing upon your own work within ARKITEKT. A participant may not reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, perform, display, record, scan, post or distribute the materials associated with the ARKITEKT Portfolio.

The rights and opportunity to train, teach or present the ARKITEKT content and the associated ARKITEKT experience reside exclusively with ARKITEKT and certified ARKITEKT Trainers. ARKITEKT alumni may not modify or distribute the exclusive ARKITEKT Portfolio to unaffiliated workshops, businesses or individuals. Additionally, ARKITEKT Alumni may not sell, or offer to consult on, materials related to the ARKITEKT Portfolio.

By participation in ARKITEKT and filling out our interest form, I signal that I have read, that I acknowledge, and affirm that I understand, the terms of this Agreement.