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We are cups constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.
— Ray Bradbury

Sara Scott

Raised in the heart of Wisconsin, Sara has been acquainted with the delicious 'squeak' of a fresh cheese curd, the power of a well told story, and the desserts at the end of a good Lutheran potluck since before she can remember. She learned to appreciate the sometimes bittersweet beauty of life while lying in lakes and walking barefoot through flame colored forests. She was drawn to live in the shadow of the mountains by a grand sense of adventure and the coaxing of a friend. She found missing pieces of herself while living in Kentucky, but after realizing it didn't feel like home, she returned to Fort Collins.

Sara has spent the past nine years working in childcare, feeding her imagination and reminding herself not to take life too seriously. During the school year, Sara volunteers with a campus ministry at CSU and enjoys playing worship for them and mentoring the ladies in the group. 

Hands on by nature, Sara spends a lot of her time nurturing half-baked ideas into reality. Whether playing music, trying out a new recipe, developing large scale interactive games, or crafting a new project her creative side is constantly at work. She has a love, bordering on obsession, for beautiful things and seeks out opportunities to incorporate hygge (essentially coziness) into everyday life.

Arkitekt found Sara in the proverbial desert where the once rich soil of her life had dried up and crusted over with years of grieving lost friendships, loved ones, and the story she had imagined for herself. After a season of cultivation, nurturing, and digging deep into the work of Arkitekt, Sara has regained a strong sense of self and worthiness, and is passionately surrendering to the epic story that God is creating in her. 

Sara thrives on epic conversations, the laughter of good friends, lingering over great meals, and loving like it's the only language she knows how to speak.