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Monica Bruzza

I am a lover, an adventurer, an explorer, a sensitive intuitive STUDENT of experiences and interactions, yoga, fear and what lies beyond fear. 

I grew up on a dirt road in Michigan where, from an early age, I began cultivating my relationship with nature. Outside, usually barefoot, I was able to plug in to the offerings of the earth. Connection. Groundedness. Independence. Energy!  My adventuring began on a relatively small scale but it didn’t take long before my curiosity fueled exploration of “country blocks” transitioned to moving west and the lifelong love of travel.  The sea, loamy forest floors, the open trail...this is my medicine for calm and grounded being.

Formally, I am a licensed as a massage therapist with Bachelor's degrees in sports medicine/health and exercise science, and nursing.  

I have only recently been stepping up as a guide - it's time to share what has so generously been shared with me - transformative practices.  I am learning to be seen and stepping into the discomfort of truly being seen.  

I've been exploring music as meditation by learning how to play not-so-typical instruments of harmonium and crystal singing bowls.  It's vibrational medicine for me. 

Barefoot in the self-care zone is when I feel most myself and I am scheming a way to make that my career as I also expose/immerse/educate others.

I love in Fort Collins with my husband and brown-puppy Wrigley.

My greatest teachers have been sexual trauma, abandonment, and becoming the peacekeeper at a young age, practicing Tonglen before I knew it had a name. All of this has made me an empathetic compassionate nurturer.  I am good at “taking and sending" because I know the universe is on our sides and the womb of nature can hold it all.