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If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.”
— Seth Godin

Cynthia Reffler

Cynthia was born and raised in New Jersey, by parents who embraced the paradox of her personality being concurrently shy and outspoken.  They raised her with love, acceptance and “I am woman hear me roar,” messages.  She was told she could be and do whatever she desired, so she became a homebuilder.  But this is skipping to the end.

After college, she moved to Vail to blow off some steam before going to medical school.  Seven years later, how to ski, mountain bike, and rock climb, and also that alcohol was not her friend. She also realized that there was oh-so-much-more to life than academic success.  She had outgrown her medical school dream and decided to design and build homes…with no experience whatsoever, but an eye for beauty and an understanding of what makes a home a true refuge, a sacred space.

She moved to Fort Collins, with her then boyfriend, now husband, to attend CSU as a graduate student in the Construction Management masters program, while swinging a hammer at whatever construction company that would have her. This was the first time she had ever experienced grace.  All doors opened for her, all obstacles were cleared, and opportunities abounded.  All of her life she had thought she had to fight for what she wanted and here all paths were cleared and sprinkled with proverbial rose petals.  Since then she has kept a watchful eye on whether things are flowing for her or not and stopping to ask why when she encounters an obstacle, which sounds so enlightened until you hear that first she has to cry a lot and wonder why this is happening to her.  She has to go through the pain until she wakes up and remembers she is in control of her reality.

Her time in the construction industry has taught her that living outside of her strengths hurts not only herself but all those around her.  She has learned that taking care of herself strengthens her company, strengthens her family and strengthens her community.

Cynthia lives in Fort Collins, in a house she designed and built, with her husband, her son, her exchange student teenage daughter (from Italy, of course), her dog, two kittens, and seven chickens.  You can find her at home with her family, on a jobsite directing burly men, on her bike or in the pottery studio covered in clay.