A few excerpts from Kelly's thoughts on Arkitekt:

Arkitekt is a deepening of where you're at and it becomes a new base line for how you can show up, both for yourself, and for your partner and for your family.

The other piece that's been really uniquely exciting for me has been a deep clarity around my next right thing.

Sometimes that deep clarity just means the left foot goes in front of the right and you show up and you make a flyer for something and you hope that people attend.  And then they DO, and it's beautiful.

That getting clear has been a gift to me that Arkitekt has offered on top of this beautiful collective consciousness of women who are willing to show up fully and unpeel layers so that they can also be clear in their hearts about what their next right thing is.  

When you breathe, you breathe for all of us.

So when you do this work, you're doing it for all of us, and it's worth doing.