Arkitekt is not the kind of work you can do from behind your computer or with a workbook from the privacy of your own home. 

This is not work that happens in a virtual space. 

This is not work that you can do from the sidelines with sympathy. 

This is work that asks for you to abide with yourself and with your sisters without trying to project an image or maintain distance, and without other-izing yourself or anyone else around you.

This work is done through being.

Our hope is to foster a safe and 100% confidential space, but we cannot guarantee this.  And that's because one of the foundational aspects of Arkitekt is that we're doing this in the presence of a diverse community.

This means we're engaging a countercultural practice of face to face longevity, consistency, and vulnerability with people you didn't hand select, who do not think or act or look like you do, and that's not something we do that often these days.  It's risky.  And it asks much. And we recognize there are varying levels of risk represented in every gathering.

This is why another foundational aspect of the Arkitekt work is to keep showing up. 

Once you make a commitment, please follow through on it.  Honor yourself and your sisters enough to do that.  This is how mutual trust is built.  This is how we create an atmosphere where women experience being seen, heard, and held.


Coming home to yourself takes work.

Especially in the beginning, you will feel tired.  It will feel like you are exercising muscles that have been atrophied, and it's uncomfortable.

We ask you to lean in to the discomfort. 


A lot of our gatherings go through what we call a storming and norming process which means that like a baby flailing around learning to walk, we're trying to figure out what this is like to give voice to your soul and to bear witness to other women doing the same thing without falling back on our management strategies-our old habits for trying to fix, trying to prove or to justify, trying to self-protect.  

But to the degree you lean in to the discomfort, it returns to you in an awakening inner knowing, aliveness, and empowerment.

So please, do the Coursework.  Open the emails. Hang out with your sisters in between gatherings.  Contribute something financially through Patreon to help us perpetuate this work. 

In short, show up.  

Try not to come in with a judgmental or evaluative lens, for yourself, for your sisters, or for the work.

This is not a space for that because we're not trying to prove anything.

We do this because we need each other, and we were not meant to be on the spiritual journey alone. 

Ask for what you need.

Practice belief in your own worthiness, and everybody else's too.


We don't have an agenda in Arkitekt, but we do have an Anthem that we state in every gathering to help us set an intention.

We have Rules of Engagement to clarify what we're doing and what we're not doing in a gathering, and we have a Guiding Belief, and here it is:

It is the I AM that can see and surrender to the WHAT IS and then live into the SO THAT.

How that shakes down is up to you.

Here's to your becoming.