Hot potatoes are the things we don’t want to hold because they hurt, so we offload them onto other people or we throw them out of the community circle altogether.

But these topics are part of the cultural conversation and they’re coming up in Arkitekt gatherings, and they’re the conversations you might be having inside of your head with yourself already.

I want to to help create a larger brave space where we practice telling the truth to each other. I know it’s not easy and we will mess it up, but we have to start somewhere. If we wait till we think we will do it right, we will never do it.

I feel bone DEEP conviction that it’s not ok to not know how to think about these things anymore. We need to know better so we can do better.

I know we mostly avoid hot potatoes because we are afraid of hurting and we are afraid of hurting other people. I feel the same way.

And I’m still going to try and show up anyway and practice being uncomfortable for the sake of my own freedom and that of my community.

This month, I want to talk about our experiences in systems and in communities where it was not ok to be who we are.

I want to share with you more about my spiritual upbringing and my spiritual trauma and I want to talk together and ask questions because bringing our stories into the light unites us and compels us to love ourselves and each other.

One woman standing up for her own life can ignite a revolution.

Will you come support me and Sara and each other as we practice standing up for our own lives and for our kindreds’ lives?

These things don’t hurt as much if we bear them together.