From Trinity's Video Blog:

Why this leg of the spiritual journey feels so difficult, and why this is totally normal.

from Everyday Grace by Marianne Williamson:

"Fundamental change is not a casual occurrence.  We cannot casually commit to the process of spiritual transformation...

Our entire being is called to the task, for the journey from density to light involves every aspect of who we are. 

Whether we are angry at the dry cleaners because they've ruined our favorite sweater, upset with a friend who has broken a promise, or frightened at the diagnosis of cancer in the breast of a best friend; whether we're worried about the state of our marriage, looking for a new job, or anxious about nuclear bombs and terrorists in our midst, we see that everything we go through is a step along the path.  We are taking the mystical journey as a way of transforming the world by transforming ourselves. 

Only by finding the love within us can we provide the love that will save the world. 

Spiritual laziness has no place on the path.  First, we must outgrow the myth of neutrality.  For in fact there is no neutral thought; all thought leads to love or to its absence. 

Think of every situation in your life as being ripe for new birth.  See luminous energy emerging from your heart, extending outward to touch all things.  Cast the light over your childhood home.  Cast it over your physical body.  Cast it over warring nations.  Cast it over the entire planet.  Cast it over the people you love.  Cast it over the people you judge.  Feel now a bolt of energy coming over you as you extend this light.  Avoid the temptation to invalidate this image . It's not an idle fantasy, for the light is real.  

Our choice to stand within a field of infinite possibility is our miraculous authority in any situation.  

Changing our mental perspective is much like changing the lens on a camera.  In the Bible it is written, "Be still and know I am."  That moment of stillness is when our mental lens has a chance to refocus.  And there, in a moment of sacred connection with all life, we know that only love is real.  In the midst of war, we can quietly and powerfully know that peace is our natural state.  In the midst of sickness, we can quietly and powerfully know that health is our natural state.  To "know I am" is to know, and affirm, that only God's universe is real.  Everything is a veil of illusion brought about by our illusion of separation from Him.  Our greatest power to change our world lies in our power to see beyond the veil. 

For we will invoke the world we choose to see. 

This may mean we repudiate the testimony of our logical minds.  This repudiation is a positive denial of the so-called realities of a darkened world.  As we stand firmly within a point of light--though darkness might be all around us--the darkness begins to dissolve into the nothingness from whence it came." 


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