Inspiration, move me right
Let sense and color guide me
Where other feet have stumbled
Lift me over lightly
Raise the weary voice and will 
In strength to make a song
Not to make it perfect
But more nearly right than wrong
— Robert Hunter

Mindee Metz

Mindee is a lifelong communicator currently enjoying a blank spot on her resume. Having recently left the Fortune 500 world and completed a year of cancer treatment, she is trying to figure out what to be when she grows up. Assuming she chooses to grow up at all, that is.

She spent 20 years in finance and commercial real estate, specializing in corporate communications, marketing, investor relations, M&A integration and uncomfortable business attire. Mindee was born in the Midwest and lived in 12 different cities before choosing to raise her family in Fort Collins. She skied and partied her way through undergrad at CU Boulder and did masters work in leadership and management at CU Denver. She and her husband Derek have two nutbag boys, Ben and Drew, who like Legos, Thin Mints and R-rated superhero movies.  Mindee thinks all three of her boys hung the moon (but please don’t tell them as it might undermine her already tenuous household authority).

Mindee is a certified yoga teacher, tennis junkie and pilates addict. She reads voraciously and is particularly proud of her Vanity Fair lifetime subscription status. She geeks out on architecture and design, gardening, writing, hiking, cooking, travel, indie film and live music. Oh, and British crime drama.