Melissa Lozano-Davis

I’m Melissa. If I were to describe what I’m coming out of and what I’m going into it would go like this: I was born and raised in the Ivy League of religion and now I’m embracing unschooling. It's wonderful, and also not for everyone.  

I ebb and flow between savoring my life and surrendering to it.  I value connection over conformity.  I crave authenticity.  I highly value pockets of quiet and alone time to recharge.  I thrive with lots of books, lots of plants, and lots of podcasts.  I’m endlessly collecting all three.  I’m a lifelong learner.  Topics that are speaking to my heart right now are self compassion, race, body image and feminism. 

My partner and I are raising four great kids.  I consider them each my best teachers.  They help me remember what matters. They hold me accountable.  They push me to my limits. 

Arkitekt has been an anchor for me.  When I feel bombarded, I can use this connection to anchor into my own truth.  I want part of my life’s work to include holding space for others to show up, to feel safe to unravel, examine and reconnect.  We belong to each other. This work, which is so necessary, can sometimes be lonely; it’s nice to have a soft space to land and to look someone in the eye.  I want to spend my days loving those around me and learning what I need to know.


When we drop fear, we can draw nearer to people, we can draw nearer to the earth, we can draw nearer to all the heavenly creatures that surround us.
— Bell Hooks
My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me, and that what misses me was never meant for me.
— Imam Al-Shafi'i