For I am come a whirlwind of wasted things, and I will ride this tantrum back to God
— Christian Wiman

Maggie Shafer

Maggie is a professional writer/communicator who loves language like she loves her people–vibrant, complex and illuminating. Her weapons of choice are a keyboard and strong-female vocalist soundtrack.

After graduating in 2010 from Colorado State University with a degree in technical journalism, she cut her teeth writing for business newspapers, magazines and software startups, before starting her own communications business last year.

In a lot of ways, Maggie is your typical Fort Collins local —she prefers bikes to cars, outdoors to in, vegetables to politics. While a dedicated Coloradan, she has been known to leave the country sporadically in search of ways to live more colorfully and better Mexican food. Maggie speaks Spanish. She's been married six years to a man named Steven and together they have two beautiful plants that mostly he cares for.