Remember, how you get there determines where you finally arrive.  You cannot prepare for love by practicing fear.  Means determines the end: Fear creates hell; love creates heaven.
— Richard Rohr

Laurie Schuler

Laurie is an aesthete, a lover of all sorts of beauty.  She is co-owner of a local design and staging company in Fort Collins called TroveCollective which has won several national awards for their work.

She is from Central Indiana and holds a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education with a focus on Literacy. She taught for a couple of years before having children.  She served in ministry with her husband for the following 8 years, loving and cheering on college students before moving to Fort Collins about five years ago.

Laurie and her family left Indiana in an attempt to start over after their work in the church had become toxic. Upon arrival in Colorado, life continued to unravel.  She, her husband and 3 kids (16, 14, 9) moved into a friend’s basement to try rebuild after a devastating loss, and it was during this time that she came across the work of Arkitekt.  

The work of Arkitekt provided her with guideposts and support as she navigated the scary unknown, and it celebrated her discovery that she was enough.  She was already at the party and everything she longed for was already hers.  Instead of spending so much energy trying to maintain a carefully constructed and "safe" life, she is about the business of rebuilding and reordering an expansive kind of life, one she'd never imagined possible.  She continues in the work of Arkitekt because she longs for others to discover these same truths.  

Laurie is an introvert by nature but a loyal and passionate lover of her people.  She is an avid podcast listener.  She reads about five books at a time.  She loves to be outside, generally taking really long walks with her dingo.  She is learning how to do fine carpentry so she doesn’t have to wait on anyone to do home reno projects, another hobby of hers.  She is currently learning/relearning French on Duolingo.