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The great metaphors from all spiritual traditions—grace, liberation, being born again, awakening from illusion—testify that it is possible to transcend the conditioning of my past and do a new thing.
— Sam Keen

I'm Laura. I spent the formative years of my life in eastern and central Pennsylvania. It was a wonderful place to grow up, but a piece of my heart will always rest in Colorado, where my family is from and where I visited my grandparents each summer. I had the privilege to grow up with loving parents and two amazing older sisters who modeled the pursuit of self-expression and taught me to question the paradigms around me. 

After graduating from college, I got a job in public service before moving to Germany, where I spent several years living and working. It was in Germany that my Deconstruction journey truly began. Out of a season of divorce, loss of loved ones, and other deep griefs, I began to examine in earnest some of the constructs that I relied on which did not serve me well, and starting asking questions about faith, society, relationships, and myself. I began to practice self-compassion, to explore the shadow side of my psyche, and to welcome the exiles in my spirit. I am an Arkitekt facilitator because I believe that to do this work well we need communities of support to hold space for us. I am also personally fascinated by how individual growth and healing links with large scale systems and societal changes. 

I now live in the Washington, DC area and enjoy blues dancing, accumulating books, and playing video games. I am committed to justice, to healing, and to walking alongside others who are on their own paths of growth and becoming.