Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
— Howard Thurman

Kristyn Emmer Whitaker

Kristyn has the spirit of an adventurer and the heart of a homebody. Originally from Wisconsin, she learned the gift of community, simple living, and consistency balanced with lake adventures, wonder-filled camping trips, and the possibility that an open field can bring. To this day, she seeks to find and create this wherever she goes. After college at a small university on the west side of her home state, she took her Communication Studies degree to Fort Collins, where she continued learning more about the lives of college students – how they grow and change and become during their time in University. 

Recently, her life took quite a turn when she met her husband and moved to Scotland just six days after exchanging their wedding vows. Kristyn and her husband, Seth, currently live in St Andrews, where she is learning the difference between real and fake jobs. During the day, she is a career adviser at the university. But during all the other times, she’s working at her real job as a blogger, a gathering planner, a travel agent, a podcast consumer, a budding photographer, and an Arkitekt facilitator. 

The work of Arkitekt has been Kristyn’s rhythm throughout many seasons in her life. During college, she spent an entire summer in a hospital battling an eating disorder, which was the first time she truly experienced a space created of women who were able to hold real vulnerability and witness to it in a season when deconstruction seemed unbearable. Kristyn was determined to find that same gift other places, so she created space for it in her college house and then found herself shortly after meeting with ten women in a tiny woodshed in a Fort Collins backyard, which happened to be the very first Arkitekt gathering....And now, Kristyn is creating space for it in a little fishing village by the North Sea. 

Kristyn is a lover of gatherings both big and small, creating space for people to share their stories and connect with who they really are. She’s relearning the art of being bored and reclaiming slow Saturday’s in the sleepy village where she lives.  She’s tinkering around with photography and a guitar, planning the next European adventure, and digging into the world of women’s holistic health. And although living across an ocean is full of newness, she is really missing good Mexican food, Target, and that FoCo-way-of-life.