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Ki Shih

Founding member

Ki is a lightning rod and connector of people, ideas, and destinies.  As a practitioner and facilitator of Intuitive Yoga, Reiki/Qi healing, Energy Medicine, and Artist's Way, Ki is passionate about  women experiencing the fullness of their being and for their hearts to break open into the knowledge that they are enough, deeply loved, and empowered to choose their own path.

Direct experience is the highest authority.
All energy flows according to the whims of the Great Magnet.
— Carl Rogers + Hunter S. Thompson

She is most proud of: being present to witness the total transformation of a gang member at the Multicultural Youth Retreat in 9th grade, designing a Genghis Khan game simulation in 12th grade, creating a collection of poetry and art for Ben O'Neill's birthday calendar in 2001, bringing organic bedding to Chicago in 2005, sharing a stage with Paul Simon while wearing a mermaid costume in 2007, choreographing and performing Javanese dance in 2009, getting Lonnie Brooks to play "Sweet Home Chicago" as an encore with Los Lobos in 2010, mixing a magical outdoor Michal Menert set at dawn at Wakarusa in 2012, helping found two 3000+ person music festivals - 710 Cup and Eastlake Music Festival in 2013, allowing herself to fall in love, impossibly, in 2014, birthing her two children, Diallo and Sona, helping activate 20+ heart chakras and counting, and facilitating 10 souls through the Artist's Way while inspiring more to do the same.

Ki feels most alive when she is dancing flamenco, field recording sounds with her headphones on, sitting in silence in a mountain clearing, paddling in moving water, walking into a warm rainstorm, stepping into fresh snow, crunching fall leaves, tasting pesto on a sailboat with no motor, 

She has special talents in tribal belly dancing, Tahitian drumming, prepping and projecting 35mm films, double jointedness, writing html, and speaking Russian, terribly.