Does the Walker choose the path, or the path the Walker.
— Garth Nix from the book Sabriel

Kate McKita

Bios are hard. That being said, I had to think forever about what to share. But I am confident that if you are reading this, you are at east considering the life breathing work of self-discovery. So I will strive to be transparent.

I did not get to where I am today easily. I am only now, in my frties able to express myself without a veil of protection.  Without shame and with cautious vulnerability. 

My name is Katherine Anders McKita. Kate. I am a gender fluid, bi individual who has been married for twenty five years. I am mom to two great kids and mom to many more who just need a safe space, rest, and acceptance.  I always pictured myself as having a lot of kids, but two was perfect. I have an abundance of nurture in me and am blessed to be called Mom by more than a few who just feel at home around me.  My childhood was equally nightmarish, and grounded by moments of intense clarity that kept me seeking. My love of the Earth and the heavens kept me alive. My need to be seen and understood kept me wanting. 

When I found my anchor, I found joy and purpose and the ability to see and accept myself, fully. Not as a victim, or survivor (both of which I am) but as a created, loved and purposeful being. 

This is why I love so deeply. Because I know the depth of love for me.