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Arkitekt is a grassroots organization founded in Fort Collins.  We continue to be co-created by our 6 person Core Leadership Team and the voices of the Arkitekt members.

We are currently seeking not-for-profit status. Our vision is to reinvest any profits into our members, facilitators, and communities who need additional resources such as therapy, body work, family and marriage counseling, and other healing modalities.  

We currently have 34 facilitators, 17 gatherings across Fort Collins, and over 200 women doing the work.

We encourage you to be empowered to decide whether this is the season for you to join an Arkitekt gathering.  

Before filling out this form, please take time to sit with everything you've read on this website, watch our Informed Consent and Privacy Policy video, and practice discernment to decide whether this work in this season is a YES.  

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