I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will not forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou

Jenn Bauer

Hello I’m Jenn and though my joy is authentic it hasn’t always been. My life has been lived on what I call “hard mode.”  I was looked after by a single parent father.  I was abandoned by my mother at age 3.  Though my mother walked away physically, she continued to make infrequent appearances in my life mostly with alcoholism and abuse.  I was raised in a very legalistic church where I was handed a judgmental, conditional God.  At age 13, sexual assault made an appearance as it did again at age 21.  When I was 25 chronic illness entered my life when I was diagnosed with three kidney diseases because no one needs just one.  I lost my right kidney in 2007 and had a kidney transplant in February 2018.  Hard mode. 

About seven year ago I began to get really tired.  Soul tired.  I couldn’t seem to do all the things that religion required of me.  I couldn’t please or meet all the demands of fitting in a box filled with so many rules and contradictions.  I became desperate to calm my soul and find out who God really is.  I began to raise my hand and ask questions for the first time.  It was there that I began shedding the clothes I had been handed as a child and realized few of them truly fit me anymore.  I was desperate for true vulnerability, acceptance, and a space to explore the depths and wonder of who I was truly created to be. 

I’m still on this new journey but have now found Arkitekt sisters to travel with me.  I’m thrilled to facilitate an Arkitekt group because I’m passionate about fiercely loving all people.  I believe love is a genuine solution.  It invites in the lonely and illuminates a path to freedom.  I want to hand out the unconditional love I was denied.  I want all people to feel heard, welcomed, respected, and cherished.  

I don’t know what my new wardrobe looks like on this journey but some of the things I’m keeping are: the best husband on planet earth, my husband of 19 years, Jeff.  My two teenage sons Dylan and Ethan.  Our three rescue puppies.  Jesus, I’m just crazy in love with him.  Yoga, meditation, a passion for social justice and equality, and my counselor Darcy.  I try to remain present and feel all of the feelings.  I want to save the ocean, rescue animals, and eat cake.  I’m obsessed with coffee and lazy Saturdays watching too much Netflix.  I’m also a vegetarian so no meat for this girl. Let's travel together.