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Jenelle Rosecrance

 My name is Jenelle and while I consider Fort Collins, Colorado home, I currently live in Virginia working for an international anti-slavery organization. I’ve always had a strong bend towards justice and some of my most vivid childhood memories are of me passionately advocating for my mom when she was being wronged. I deeply long for those who feel overlooked, outcast, or less valued to be brought into the circle and embraced.

My desire for justice is matched by a high sensitivity to the emotions of others. For the majority of my life, this manifested in an impulsive effort to help and please everyone around me. I did this while neglecting my own needs, subconsciously believing that everyone else’s needs were more important than my own. The result of this was a lot of pain and powerlessness.

A significant part of my journey has been learning that I’m worth having my own needs met. On this journey, I’ve also learned that I have the power to make healthy choices for myself. This intentional practice of attending to my needs before looking outward has felt like learning an entirely new way of being, thinking, and communicating. I can feel like a child as I learn these seemingly basic concepts, but I am trying to embrace this child-likeness rather than feeling ashamed by it. At my core, I long to remain in a childlike, yet wise state of being where I’m attuned to my needs, soft-hearted, compassionate, spontaneous and playful, willing to grow, and curious about the world.

May I behold myself with the eyes of love so that I would behold all things with the eyes of love.
— Trinity Wilbourn

I’m excited to be an Arkitekt facilitator because I experienced the benefits of Arkitekt firsthand. Arkitekt helped me connect with my true self, believe in my worth, and persevere on my path toward freedom. I hope that as I continue to show up on my path toward freedom, I might be able to provide companionship to others as they journey down their own paths toward freedom.