Hi, I’m Jen.  When I think of myself I don’t see myself as extraordinary, but yet an ordinary person that has become significant in the eyes of The Lord.  It truly is through His awakening of my soul that I have learned to discover who I am as a person, the cry of my heart and that through Him He makes me pretty stinkin special! 

At a very young age and through many tough life experiences I believed that my circumstances defined me as a person.  I lost so much of who I was during those years letting myself play the victim for all of life’s obstacles that kept trying to overtake me.  2013 was a defining year in my life as I stepped out and said “no more”.  No more abuse, no more lies, no longer will I be defined as the victim, and I immersed myself in a journey of self discovery and awakening of who I truly am called to be. 

Arkitekt found me in my raw deconstruction process of my life in 2016, exactly right when I needed it.  Arkitekt showed me that I am not alone and that there are women in this world that desire the depth that my soul had always been craving.  

My heart yearns for connection, deep conversations, quick coffee breaks, Netflix binge nights, giving unabandonedly and loving unashamedly.