What do you mean by Curriculum? Is this a class?

Arkitekt is not a class. The heart of what we do happens in the face to face of an Arkitekt gathering, but engagement with the Curriculum deepens the experience of the Arkitekt work. One facilitator describes the Curriculum like a bed frame. She says that the gathering is the mattress and the blankets and the people and the cuddling, but the Curriculum holds the space for all of that to happen and without it, we would be rolling around without any structure to keep us close to each other. Both are needed. Without the mattress and the cuddling, we are just words on a page. Without words on a page, we have no direction.

What is the Curriculum? Who wrote it? And why does it change?

The Curriculum is like a map to help you navigate your journey of Coming Home to Yourself. It draws upon wisdom traditions and spiritual traditions and charts a path through the cycles of Deconstruction, Reconstruction and Integration, referencing a diverse body of thinkers and writers along the way. It changes because it is a living document; it evolves as Arkitekt evolves. Trinity Wilbourn, the founder of Arkitekt, is the primary author of the Curriculum. Trinity invests in seven main things that directly influence the content of the Arkitekt Curriculum: monthly therapy with Heather Wright, a somatic experiencer and Rolfer who helps Trinity understand how the body holds trauma and how to understand the part the nervous system plays in healing; twice monthly couples’ therapy with PACT therapist Brian Whelan, a colleague of Heather’s, who works with breath and self-awarenesss and attachment theory; monthly training and mentoring in Soul-Directed Healing with Sandy Bachman, an intuitive healing practicioner; auditing classes (Ethnicity, Race, Gender, and Sexuality and Multiracial Deconstructed Feminism) with Dr. Caridad Souza, Director of Women’s Studies at CSU; personal reading, reflection and spiritual seeking; relationships with women who help contribute to and edit the Curriculum; and becoming a Safe and Sound certified practitioner, an advanced form of trauma-informed therapy. As she knows better, she can do better, and the Curriculum reflects this growth.

What happens if I don’t do all the Curriculum and Coursework?

You get kicked out. Just kidding. With Arkitekt, we are really trying to flip the typical motivational model on its head. We want you to want to do the Curriculum and Coursework for yourself, not because you signed a contract or paid a Course fee or because you will get a bad grade if you don’t. Empowerment is key in Arkitekt. This journey is yours to own and yours to steward. You are making a commitment to your own becoming and to being fully present for your kindred’s becoming; doing the Curriculum and Coursework is part of that commitment. At the same time, we recognize that simply showing up can be the hardest thing and we honor each woman’s journey through this work. We have many people who will go through Arkitekt more than once, engaging the Curriculum and Coursework in greater depth depending upon what their season of life allows. We do find that the more you invest in this soul work in your private practice, the more the public gathering reflects this…the breakthroughs come faster, the connections go deeper, the community bonds sooner.

This sounds like group therapy. Is it?

We’ve asked many therapists to let us know if we are accidentally doing group therapy and they have confirmed that this is totally NOT group therapy. For one, there is no mediator or moderator in the room who stands outside of the circle. There is no trained expert. There is no expectation for therapeutic treatment in Arkitekt and we do not promise a therapeutic experience. We are kindreds gathering together in small communal circles to offer each other presence and support. Everyone is in this together.

Is self-awareness the end game?

In short, no. Self-awareness is an entry point into the journey; it’s a door, not a destination. To read more, click HERE.

How are gatherings formed and how are people matched with a facilitator?

Gatherings form organically and at the pace of what is real. Women fill out interest forms online, a waitlist starts, and then at the beginning of Spring and Fall, our Communal Care Director, Kristin Vogt, checks in with current facilitators and participants to see if anyone feels a stirring in their spirit to facilitate. When facilitators step up to form a gathering, she has a sense of the nature of the gathering and then based upon the content of the interest forms, she attempts to match people up with facilitators who would feel comfortable and might speak a similar language. We want each person to know they are being held with intention and deep care from the moment they fill out their form. Placing people in gatherings mostly involves Kristin sitting in relationship with each person and practicing holy listening, meditation upon each kindred’s spirit, prayer for discernment, and then making an offering. It’s relational, not recruitment, and it’s slow and deep and revolutionary.

Why is having a WORD of the year important? How is it used in gatherings?

The WORD of the year is the way in to the content of this work. If we asked you to tell us all about your life or what you long for or how you are hurting, it would probably feel like too much…where would you start? The WORD is a simple tool to help access what’s going on inside your body, mind and spirit. We begin the Roundtable time of every gathering asking people to talk about their WORD of the year: how it’s showing up, how it’s not showing up, what they’ve noticed about its manifestation since the last gathering.

How much does this cost?

In the spirit of inclusion and accessibility, we do not currently charge for Arkitekt. Our hope would be that each person would contribute $10.00 or more a month as a Patron of this work to give back and keep the energetic exchange moving. The Core Team and all the facilitators are volunteers. No one currently gets paid. We consider this our service. However, the women on the Core Team give countless hours of time and spend their own money to invest in their personal soul work through various therapies so that they have deep wells to draw from in order to sustain their service to Arkitekt.

Why is there gender neutral wording on the website?

Arkitekt began as a woman’s organization and the website still reflects this primary identity, but we have a fledgling arm of this work for men. We also desire to eventually have a gender non-binary arm of Arkitekt. We want every person to have a place where they can feel their Belovedness and experience their being reflected in a gathering that honors however someone might choose to identify. We are growing in our awareness of how to use language to include rather than divide.

What do I do if I'm not sure I'm ready to join a gathering? 

It's rare that anyone ever feels ready to do deep soul work.  

Maybe instead of wondering if you are ready, use your curiosity to investigate why Arkitekt has crossed your path at this particular time, in this particular season of your life? 

We would submit there is a reason.

Maybe it's enough just to acknowledge that and then say yes, without any idea what you are really getting into....because do we ever really know what we are getting into, in anything in life? 

Once you make the decision to show up, we've found that the women who get the most out of their Arkitekt journey are the ones who put in the most. They come with a desperation that fuels their determination to hold nothing back.

If you have energy left to pretend, you're probably not in a place to join Arkitekt.

Arkitekt begins with the willingness to deconstruct who you are and how you've been living your life.

It's gonna get messy.

Freedom, abundant life, purpose, love, truth, joy, peace - these things don’t come without intentionality.

If you are expecting to come and sit on the edges and glean from the experience, or to dip your toes in, get some good information, and go on your merry way, then we would say it's not the season for you. 

We would ask you to sit with your desire to join Arkitekt, and ask if you are willing to make the commitment to yourself and your kindreds to bring your whole self to the experience, even when that work becomes very difficult and asks much of you.  If the fire in your belly keeps burning, take that as a sign it's your time!   


What should i expect if I join Arkitekt?

Expect opposition.  

Expect fatigue.

Expect things to get worse before they get better.

Expect your life to change.

Expect the ways you interact with your people to change.

Expect to access your inner warrior.

Expect to feel all the feels.

Expect to be resolved, but not resolution.

Expect solidarity, not solutions. 

Expect to start trusting your inner knowing.

Expect to be able to tell the truth about who you are to yourself and to other people without shame or apology or excuse.

Expect to have nothing to prove and nothing to hide.

Expect to be a better listener and a better friend.

Expect to have a wisdom tradition, kindreds to ask for help, and a connection with SOURCE to be your strength when you feel weak.

Expect to be more comfortable in your own skin.

Expect awareness of what matters to you and what doesn't.

Expect to have less fear and more language and tools when the next crisis comes.  

Expect that you will fall in love with WHO YOU ARE and HOW YOU ARE MADE.

Expect to experience LOVE, ABUNDANT LIFE, and FREEDOM.

Freedom births freedom, and free people who RISE UP and USE THEIR VOICE to bring LOVE and LIGHT into the world are a force to be reckoned with.

Expect the reckoning.