The gathering | a sacred space

Arkitekt is a 3-part course in Coming Home to Yourself.

You commit to a semester at a time, consisting of four once a month gatherings, usually from 6-10 pm on a weeknight in someone's home.  

During each gathering, we:

  • engage an Embodiment and Centering Practice

  • share thoughts on the monthly Curriculum

  • share our stories through Roundtable Practice

Roundtable Practice | the heart of the work

Roundtable Practice is where we each share at our own pace where we have come from, where we are now, and what we long for.  

This is where we name and unname ourselves into remembering who we truly are.

Because our positions are nos/otras, both/and, inside/outside, and inner exiles—we see through the illusion of separateness. We crack the shell of our usual assumptions by interrogating our notions and theories of race and other differences. When we replace the old story (of judging others by race, class, gender, and sexual groupings and using these judgments to create barriers), we threaten people who believe in clearly defined mutually exclusive categories. The same hands that split assumptions apart must also span the cracks, must wield the mutual exchange of stories. The solution is not exclusivity and dominance, but receptivity to new theories, stories, visions. We must surrender our privilege, scant though it may seem. We must hold out our manos and share our gains.
— Gloria Anzaldua, from the Foreword to the 2001 edition of This Bridge Called My Back

We encourage each person to speak in the language of their own integrity.

While a kindred shares, the rest of the gathering practices generous listening, active compassion, asking honest and open questions, and shared silence.

We do not try to fix, advise, save, persuade, or confront.

Through Roundtable Practice, we provide spaces of refuge where kindreds can listen to the wisdom of their own soul in the presence of other people on the same soulful journey.


The curriculum | a deliberate design

Curriclum Map_new-01.png

Our Curriculum takes you on a journey towards the rediscovery of True Self.  The Curriculum references many wisdom traditions because we honor the diverse expression of belief and lean in to the mysteries that bind us together as well as the foundational commonalities of the human experience. 

Our gatherings represent a spectrum of people in varying stages of Deconstruction and Reconstruction, and although the essence of the gatherings is the same, the expression and the language differs as a reflection of the diversity in the room.



We believe people who are rooted and grounded in their True Self, a connection to Source and the support of Kindreds, have the tools, language, and resources to transform the world.