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Mary Chrysa Parker

former Operations Director

Mary Chrysa Parker is excited to integrate her skillsets and passion for serving the community as the Director of Operations – Arkitekt Women. She is currently a Program Manager at Inceodia, LLC. Throughout her career, she has been a strong advocate for ensuring on-time product delivery by aligning leadership teams on project work, priorities and commitments in coordination with ever changing customer demands. Prior to joining the Inceodia team, Mary Chrysa worked as a program coordinator at Hewlett Packard for over 17 years, where she managed budgets, resources and relationships to achieve organizational objectives, as well as planning, developing and executing schedules to ensure timely completion for a wide range of startup businesses within HP. Before working in the corporate world, Mary Chrysa coordinated the Legal Advocacy Program at a local shelter for victims of domestic violence.

In addition, she’s served as a technology volunteer at her local library district where she supports computer classes in topics such as Blogging, Computer Software, and Social Media. She also served as a board member at her children’s school where she’s developed and implemented new communication and documentation processes that resulted in quicker onboarding time of new parent volunteers and developed a new fundraising strategy to resolve fundraising fatigue.

Mary Chrysa Parker received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice & Sociology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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Ki Shih

Founding member

Ki is a lightning rod and connector of people, ideas, and destinies.  As a practitioner and facilitator of Intuitive Yoga, Reiki/Qi healing, Energy Medicine, and Artist's Way, Ki is passionate about  women experiencing the fullness of their being and for their hearts to break open into the knowledge that they are enough, deeply loved, and empowered to choose their own path.

She is most proud of: being present to witness the total transformation of a gang member at the Multicultural Youth Retreat in 9th grade, designing a Genghis Khan game simulation in 12th grade, creating a collection of poetry and art for Ben O'Neill's birthday calendar in 2001, bringing organic bedding to Chicago in 2005, sharing a stage with Paul Simon while wearing a mermaid costume in 2007, choreographing and performing Javanese dance in 2009, getting Lonnie Brooks to play "Sweet Home Chicago" as an encore with Los Lobos in 2010, mixing a magical outdoor Michal Menert set at dawn at Wakarusa in 2012, helping found two 3000+ person music festivals - 710 Cup and Eastlake Music Festival in 2013, allowing herself to fall in love, impossibly, in 2014, birthing her two children, Diallo and Sona, helping activate 20+ heart chakras and counting, and facilitating 10 souls through the Artist's Way while inspiring more to do the same.

Ki feels most alive when she is dancing flamenco, field recording sounds with her headphones on, sitting in silence in a mountain clearing, paddling in moving water, walking into a warm rainstorm, stepping into fresh snow, crunching fall leaves, tasting pesto on a sailboat with no motor, 

She has special talents in tribal belly dancing, Tahitian drumming, prepping and projecting 35mm films, double jointedness, writing html, and speaking Russian, terribly.


Stephanie Barr

former Brand Consultant

Stephanie is the former Operations Manager for Arkitekt, where she handles general logistics, creative marketeering, and cat herding. 

Her full time gig is as a sustainability consultant at the Institute for the Built Environment, an outreach center of Colorado State University.  She has an undergraduate degree in Interior Design and a Master’s of Sustainable Design.  In addition to green building and sustainability, her expertise also includes web design, organizational management, and professional writing. 

Stephanie grew up in Oklahoma and though she misses thunderstorms and her mom's chicken-fried steak, she feels blessed to call Fort Collins home. She enjoys designing and making quilts, skiing through trees in fresh powder, and nailing a peak pose in yoga.  She believes music is a love language and spends a lot of time making Spotify playlists and playing the piano.  Finally, she is a dog mom to an adorable labradoodle named Meli.


Mindee Metz

former Communications Director

Mindee is a lifelong communicator currently enjoying a blank spot on her resume. Having recently left the Fortune 500 world and completed a year of cancer treatment, she is trying to figure out what to be when she grows up. Assuming she chooses to grow up at all, that is.

She spent 20 years in finance and commercial real estate, specializing in corporate communications, marketing, investor relations, M&A integration and uncomfortable business attire. Mindee was born in the Midwest and lived in 12 different cities before choosing to raise her family in Fort Collins. She skied and partied her way through undergrad at CU Boulder and did masters work in leadership and management at CU Denver. She and her husband Derek have two nutbag boys, Ben and Drew, who like Legos, Thin Mints and R-rated superhero movies.  Mindee thinks all three of her boys hung the moon (but please don’t tell them as it might undermine her already tenuous household authority).

Mindee is a certified yoga teacher, tennis junkie and pilates addict. She reads voraciously and is particularly proud of her Vanity Fair lifetime subscription status. She geeks out on architecture and design, gardening, writing, hiking, cooking, travel, indie film and live music. Oh, and British crime drama. 


Carly Barron


Carly Barron is a dream catcher and strategist currently working with some of the most influential faith-based organizations in the country.

She was born in Florida and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from Life Christian University.  She spent seven years working for Messenger International as an Executive Administrator and a Marketing Director.  She helped plant a thriving church in Fort Collins, Colorado as an Associate Pastor for four years before moving to Dallas, Texas where she currently lives. 

Carly and her husband Grant have three kids: Lincoln, Livingston and Liberty.  She loves dancing, great food, SEC football, quality time with her best girls, and most importantly gangsta rap.  She hates clutter and shamelessly throws away toys and meaningful crafts that most Moms keep. She does love craft coffee, craft food, craft beer…anything craft. Except actual crafts.