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I'm Allison and I've recently embarked on a hilly and curvy path to awakening my true self and discovering the sacredness I was born with. I have come to realize that this will now be my forever path. I am the middle child of seven siblings which is the most beautiful gift in the world. I grew up in the rolling hills of Kansas, then near the green and rainy mountains in Washington, and finally settling in the beautiful Front Range. My fondest memories are in nature with my best friends, my cousins and my siblings, running wild, climbing, building forts outside, camping, playing games, and pretending. I feel most fully alive when I am in touch with my child-self, playing with my dog Charlie, with family, and friends. 

Being the middle child, I've always fought to be at at the top, to be the best, and am only now choosing to drop that heavy rock of perfection. This looks like no longer striving to be anyone except me. This looks like gentleness towards myself; it looks like presence. This looks like being my own friend. 

I am a teacher to young children, lucky enough to be experiencing the joy, wonder, and curiosity of the world alongside them. I'm learning to embrace the vulnerabilities that come with showing up, however I am that day, for myself and others.

When Arkitekt called onto to me, I was swinging on a pendulum of self-doubt, striving, comparison, and busy-ness. My Arkitekt sisters were my mirrors and that was all it took for me to step onto the path to walking myself home. I'm a facilitator so that I can hold space for others so that they too may discover their aliveness and sacredness. 

If we learn how to build in the pauses and allow our awakening to work upon us, we will slowly live into a rhythm of life, a life where we are continually brought to our own attention, awed and humbled by the beckoning of the Divine in every moment and the joy to be experienced in every breath.
— Trinity Wilbourn 10.0 Arkitekt Curriculum